Graham Porter: @grahamrporter



Kathleen de Vere: @kathleen_lrr

character design: Cinnamon Moran, trigger*

writer/actor/editor/media relations for Loading Ready Run

creator of webcomics Magical Times, Things My Cat Hates and Korea

writer for Inside Network


Sarah Fogg: @sarahkfogg

character design: The Haunted Strings, story concepts*

co-creator of independent women’s ‘zine What’s The Time, Mrs Woolf?

artist: website blogspot society6 tumblr

member of Inspired Comics


Edric Haleen

Gray: arrangement, vocals, piano and engineering

singer/pianist/songwriter: songs

creator of The Happiness Board


Denise Hudson: @rangerdenni

 Stranded: words, music, vocals, keyboard, arrangement and engineering

singer/pianist/songwriter: bandcamp soundcloud youtube blog

part of Billy And The Psychotics


Jules Sherred: @geekyjules

website hosting, technical help: Skookum Monkey

blogger and reviewer: Geeky Pleasures

general manager and show host: The Look 24/7

an embarrassing amount of other stuff: personal website


*Please note: while both artists contributed character designs, none of the artwork currently on this website was created by either artists. Not that I’m worried they’d take credit, but I wouldn’t want you to mistake my cave paintings for their actual talent. Both profile pictures are simply my imitations of their style. Ladies can draw, yo.